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Legal Services and Data Protection

Electronic Signature

The Executive Board of the University has specified the rules regarding the use of electronic signatures when signing contracts in the Weisung eSignatur (German) (PDF, 214 KB).

If an eSignature solution other than "Skribble" is to be used, please note the rules for using other eSignature solutions.

Overview of Signature Types

In addition to the policy, below you will find a table overview of the contracts and the type of signature required to sign them (German): There is the simple (SES), advanced (AES) or qualified (QES) electronic signature.

Table_portrait_v2.jpg (JPG, 1 MB)

Table_landscape_v2.jpg (JPG, 1 MB)

Information Technology has published comprehensive FAQs and a service description with additional links at the following links (available in German only).


Catalogue of Services

Skribble Login

Employees of UZH can log in to Skribble using their UZH e-mail address at the following link:

Skribble Login

Provision of a Mobile Phone Number

If you want to sign using an advanced electronic signature, you must also enter a mobile phone number as an additional means of identification. In such cases, please always use your work mobile phone number. The number you provide will be stored in the PDF file and archived for at least 10 years; it may also be archived in the UZH Archives for longer periods in some cases.


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