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Legal Services and Data Protection

UZH Contract Framework

Instruction for the use of the contract framework

The Executive Board of UZH has declared that the below listed modular contract framework is binding for new contracts as of 1 July 2016.

Please read the below Fact Sheet which provides guidance about which documents, declarations and regulations must be used in the event of an outsourcing.

Fact Sheet Third Party Data Protection July 2018 (PDF, 231 KB) (PDF, 231 KB)

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Legal Services and Data Protection

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Who is responsible for data processing?

The contracts of this framework have been drafted for all situations in which the responsible researchers or UZH are deemed to be the controller. The third party involved in processing the data is called the processor.


The general data protection concept University of Zurich General Data Protection Concept has been drafted for all cases in which UZH is the processor, i.e. when a contracting third party (controller) hands data over to UZH for processing.